Rates vary by location. Please call for a quote. The cost is lower when arranged three days in advance.
Airport and Bus Service
We provide transportation to and from the Nashville area including but not limited to the following locations.
We accept these US issued cards.

When arranging transportation to or from the above locations, there is information we must gather and things that must be considered.

When flying, please provide us with your airline, flight number, destination or originating city for that leg of the trip and its arrival or departure time.  

The TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) recommends passengers arrive two hours before there flight.  However, we will schedule according to the desire of the customer.

Once you arrive at the Nashville airport and have gotten your bags, proceed down to the ground level.  Exit through the front doors and cross the road to the garage.  You will see signs for shuttles and limos.  We will meet you on the side for limos.  Because the airport charges a fee the longer we wait there, your driver will call to ensure you have arrived before parking.  If you have not heard from us, feel free to call us.  We apologize for any inconvenience in advance.

Davidson County charges a tax of $2 for each departure of a contracted vehicle from the airport.  This fee is part of your price.

Greyhound asks that its customers arrive at least an hour before their bus departs.  We also try to use an hour when scheduling for Tornado customers.

Megabus recommends arriving 15 minutes before your bus.  Region-wide Transit will plan to have you there 30 minutes before your scheduled departure, unless you say otherwise.

If traveling by bus, we need the schedule number, originating or destination city for that leg of the trip and its arrival or departure time.

At the time of this write-up, Megabus did not have a location that provides shelter.  Please be prepared to be outside.