Providing Personal Passenger Transportation and More...

Providing reliable, honest, and accountable transportation services to Columbia and the surrounding area.

We strive to provide personal, reliable, honest, and accountable service in Columbia, Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Our Services

man driving a car wearing wrist watch
man driving a car wearing wrist watch

On Demand Transportation

Delivery (Your Emissary)

Prescheduled Transportation

Customers can request immediate service by calling us at 931-381-5188. Please note that all service depends on availability. It is recommended that you schedule ahead.

We transport people at all times of night and day. Restrictions are based on availability, so be sure to call as soon as you know you need service.

We can also pickup packages from area stores. It is recommended that items be prepaid to save time and money.

Muletown Trolley 931-379-2907

Other Transportation Providers

Lawrence County SCATS 931-766-7867

Maury County SCATS 931-388-9595

Lincoln County SCATS 931-433-7271

Giles County SCATS 931-363-6610

Perry County SCATS 931-589-5111

Wayne County SCATS 931-722-3514

Lewis County SCATS 931-796-5558

(The following counties have routes that intersect with Columbia)

Greyhound 800-231-2222

Tornado 615-313-8843

Columbia Cab 931-446-9188

Contact Us

For inquiries or bookings, please contact us using the information below.